50/50 Ninja Vanish

Some players seem to hit every time, I do not. Any tutorials to help me with mechanics you’d recommend? Might need a new perspective, I have looked at some, but wondering which may have improved your consistency. I’m doing something wrong, maybe the timing. I do try to keep neutral string…

For disclosure I’ve been at this a long time, I can relate to newcomers with this trick.

Very satisfying basic trick to land…

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I’ve been doing ninja vanish for a while and I still don’t hit it consistently, but it has gotten better over time. Practice, practice, practice. I like doing it from a brother slack, which can be done as a repeater to see how many times in a row I can land it. 6 is my current record.

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I agree with Scott I’ve known this trick for a long time and I still can’t land it consistently but once you get the motion and timing right it becomes easier and easier and it looks great in a gt combo as well. so just keep practicing and one day you will land it consistently with time :grin::wink:

And by the way Scott I would love to see your trapeze and brother / ninja vanish combo that you mentioned one day. It sounds like a cool repeater :+1:t2::grin:


One thing I’ve found, is whether you land it or not, you have to see the u shaped slack fall over the string, this will only make sense if you know the trick. The split second you see that, it means the slack was formed correctly. Tok-yo-yo does a good job of sliding the yoyo into the slack with his finishing twist of the index finger.

Without creating the “U” over the string, there is no chance. A complete fail is not to see it at all, even if you miss the triangle.

Also, I don’t think my current string is best for whips and slacks anyway, I’ve tried beter that seem to form more clearly to the eye.


(when in doubt blame the equipment :wink:

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