$50-$100 yoyo?

Hey guys, I know there are about a million and one similar posts already out there, but I could really use the help. I am a fourteen-year-old with a limited income, and I am in the process of saving for a really great yoyo. I currently have quite a decent aluminum yoyo, the duncan strix. I know, “why does he need another yoyo,” you ask. Why does any yoyoer with a substantial collection need another yoyo? Because you just do.

So, I was going to buy a supernova because of the supernova-severe deal. But as far as I can tell, that is over. So, what should I do? I am still saving, so its not like I already have a large amount of money set aside, but I am willing to save some more if it is a truly phenomenal throw.

I know I prefer most shapes more than organic or H-style shapes. I am primarily a 1-a player, but am looking to get into 5-a and 4-a soon. I would like to buy a sub-$100 dollar 1-a yoyo with a long spin time and decent stability. I am looking at the supernova, superstar, primo, shutter, level 6, anything really. Any suggestions?

Of the yoyos I’ve tried that are on your list, Shutter and Supernova are both great choices.

Of the yoyos I’ve NOT tried that are on your list, the Level 6 looks mighty compelling.

Of the yoyos I’ve NOT tried and are NOT on your list… have you considered the Werrd 86400? Never hear anything but good things about that yoyo.

Well, now that the level 6 is out, that just changed the game.

86400 is pretty awesome same with the minute and hour but the 86400 is just a bit better in my opinion
its got great stability and a very interesting and different feel when you throw it (also is pretty awesome for 3a if you ever want to get a second one in the future)

my other vote is for the level 6 it looks very interesting

If I had $100 and was in your shoes I would buy one of the Quakes or YYR products currently available on the BST for as little as $60.

If you insist on paying full retail then I’d get a Benchmark, Hatchet, Messiah or Yeti.

Alright, I have used or owned all of those yoyos.
The supernova plays slow(ish) and is a very one.
The Shutter has quite a lot of float
The superstar is a bit fast to me, but I don’t really know. Wait what?
The primo and Level 6, I just can’t explain, their very nice!

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Thanks, guys. Those answers are very helpful. I checked out the 86400 and it looks incredible. My friend has a shutter, and when I play it it is just beautiful. Also, I looked at the Yoyoofficer brave, and it looks almost the same as the shutter, but more expensive. Anyone played it?

Have you tried the silly goose? that looks great. Also, of the primo and the level six, the primo is 40 dollars more. Is it worth it?

I’ve heard the brave and shutter are very similar throws so I’d just take the shutter over the brave. The new Hatchet which is the replacement for the brave looks awesome as well though.

My personal picks of stuff at YYE would be 86400 or level 6

I have not, however, I would love to try one at somepoint

thanks. I’ve been wondering about that. I looked at the hatchet, and you’re right, it does look sweet. The level six looks kind of narrow. Have you had problems with that, or is it just the photos? Also, the 86400 looks kind of similar to the strix, which i already have. Much as i love it, I’d rather not get its double. Do you know if they are at all the same?

The 86400 and the strix are very different. The 86400 has a much larger diameter changing the play between the two completely.

Okay, thanks. It looks great, i’ll have to see if i can get my hands on one.

what about Aviator?

Personally I’d go for the level 6 but the supernova plays really nice as well and u can pick one up pretty cheap on the bst :wink:

I would veer towards level 6 because it suits my personal preferences really well.

Okay. For $50, the level 6 does look really awesome. I recently looked at some caribou lodge yoyos, which are not really in my price range, but the summit and the arctic circle :o, man those look good.

Wait till Jan 27 when the redesign Czm8 drops. They did some work on the overall design and weight. Plus it’s going to be the same price as shitter.