---5 to 1---5A and 1A video


Just some new stuff, 5A in the beginning.

(UmeNagisa) #2

Every time I see you.
I just feel so refreshed.
Your style is exactly that, clean and refreshing.
I simply love the second set of 1a, and the creativity of your 5a.

In another not, your string on your gleipnir (I assume that’s what the red throw was) is yellow. Is that toxic string?
I know you almost never use anything bit dragons


Thanks, feels good to know you like them that much, haha.

Using some very old Bg1’s so they have a greenish tinge to them, ha. I can’t use anything but dragons for an extended period of time but every now and then I will take out some BG1’s or some regular toxic string.

(2Sick Joey) #4

That 1a combo…again. You got skills man but while that speed combo is good and looks killer, but I’d like to see you venture from that combo. It’s in every 1a video you make and I like the combo but its boring to see it over and over again. You have serious skills man! I see you being a real contender at contests. You going to NY states?


It wasn’t in the last few videos, haha. I did add some stuff to it and I did a newer combo after it. At least it wasn’t the first combo, haha. Also I have some more techy stuff that I have been working on for a few months but it never hits right on camera so they will remain hidden until I can get them cleanly on video. I have lots of new tricks as well but they are getting harder to hit.

Yeah I should be going to NY states and Ohio states. I PLAN on going to NY but we will see how that plays out. I did good in MA in the 5A division (3rd) and I did great in the 1A prelims (4th) but finals always bombs me. Mostly focusing on the 5A stuff now anyway since I have been doing 1A over twice as long as the 5A.


You have a certain flow that makes the yoyo looks like its gliding across the string. Great vid.