5 questions?????

1 : What are bimetals…
2 : What are derlins…
3 : What does it means when someone says it takes time to break lube and response pads…
4 : Is there an all strings review on forum if yes give a Link…
5 : Where to ask yoyojam questions…
Even you can post your questions if you have any… Questions can be updated…

Yoyos that are made of two types of metal.

Yoyos of a certain plastic

New response pads are generally more “grippy,” or snaggy. It takes a little while with pads. Breaking in lube just means playing with a yoyo recently lubed to get it back to normal.

I don’t know.

Email them

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  1. I believe these are yoyos that are made of two types of metals.
  2. Delrins are a type of plastic yoyo. Example: Severe
  3. When a yoyo bearing gets worn out or well used or old, it needs to be lubed (you can buy some on the YYE shop). You know when to lube when the bearing comes loud or the spin times are really short. Also, a yoyo may come with thick response pads (like the Dymension’s pads are really grippy). The response needs use to ware down so it plays like any other yoyo. To break in lube is to play with a yoyo that is recently lubed (which is usually a tiny bit responsive) until it becomes back to normal again. The same goes for response. The response needs to be worn down in order to play perfectly if the pads are causing the yoyo to snag and play responsive.
  4. I don’t think so, but you could ask to make one or make a section on the Review section here on the forums for people to review their favorite strings.
  5. Try YoYoJam’s website, YYE, or right here on the forums. In that order.

I hope this helps,

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Oh cool thanks both Zorro and stuarttw…
2 more questions are bimetals only metal or it could also be plastic and metal… Are derlin more durable…

No. Yes.

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the bi- prefix means two, so bimetal means two metals. It’s spelled Delrin, not Derlin, and yes, they are generally more durable.

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