Is there huge difference between yoyos that made of different materials??


Personally I only used metal yoyo and plastic 2a yo-yos, never tried any other yoyos in 1a or 5a.
I heard that there is a new type yoyo made with Delrin, is it comparable to the metal yoyos? And also how is the yoyojam hybrid yoyos comparing to yyf metals?


Delrin is plastic.
Some delrins play as good if not better than metals, some play worse (IMO)


Im here to ask what makes bimetal yoyos superior to plastic+metal ones.


How about yyf severe and yyj quest? I only found these two yoyos are delrin, do they play better than metals?


Not all that superior in my opinion, just different and more expensive to make (but idea is the same - heavier material on the rim). Its kind like asking what makes aluminium yoyos superior to plastics…

It’s mainly about preference, not material. As said before- they might be better then a certain metal, but the key thing it that they are different. You need to try a certain yoyo and decide for yourself, there is no simpler way.

To me, any modern day yoyo is ‘good’. I do same tricks on the Lyn and the Superstar and one can be better for me and be the crap to you, but still outplay us both…


Isn’t the YYF Star series a kind of experiment to answer OP’s question, by using different materials for essentially the same shape?

There’s simple polycarb for the StarBrite, molded delrin in the ONEStar, bi-plastic in the StarLite, plastic-metal hybrid for the Proto/NorthStar, and all aluminum for the Rock/SuperStar.

Does the Severe count as the machined delrin “Star”?

Ooh, what’re the chances YYF will use the Star series to introduce a bi-metal into their lineup?

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one does not simply…


The Superstar doesn’t belong.

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Oh man, look harder. Look at some of Crucial’s older stuff. It’s fantastic. The Cream, Half and Half, Tres Leches, Milk and Milk 2% are all delrin! Plus the newer Milkshake is, too.

I love Crucial. So much. If anybody has a Half and Half that is half black and half white, hook me up. XD