Okay, I just got my first Offstring yo-yo in the mail today. The Pink/Black Huyabusa and I love it.
After taking it out I started playing with it and it worked awsome! one thick spacer and one thin works great if you don’t want to use pads with the receced triad responce.
So this made me wonder.
What Offstring yo-yo do you prefer and what is your setup for it?
Also what is your favorite trick and what is your hardest trick?

i have a big yo and an aquarius. i dont really tighten my gab in my aquarius because it will be to tight and will sometimes snag.hmmmmm my easiest trick is toss and catch(duh) and my hardest trick is where you bind with 1 hand(the one where you throw the string at the yoyo)

I have a F.A.S.T. Offstring, i just fully tighten the gap. My hardest trick is rolling star, non fluently XD

I use my Hayabuse with the same setup as you.

Well im not that far into offstring yet, ive been focusing on 1A lately because of the contest in June. But My favorite offstring would be Aquarius or Dark Magic. Yes, a Dark Magic.

And believe it or not I just like simple barrel rolls :wink:

yeah, Barell Rolls are fun. Have you tried going in the opposite direction?
Dark Magic’s are good bt an Aqua is easier to catch unless you are very good.

lol on my whip catches I OWN with DM. With Aqua It always binds back. But the best 4a------ [shadow=red,left]BIGYO[/shadow] This this is The Beatiest 4A yoyo ever!! Hardest is a Combo… Orbit leg a few times… Pop it to your back and orbit back… pop it to your leg… Pop OVER your leg and whip catch it-- Not that hard i just love doing it!


i use an yoyo jam Aquarius (cleaned bearing), A hayabusa no pads, one thick spacer, one thin spacer and a cleaned bearing

DocPop does somthing called the “Washing Machine” Where he loosens the string tension so much he can pop the yoyo off the string and play with it… I do this all the time with my DM. Im not to great with 4A but once my friend and I were hanging out and he has a Diabolo so I had to try and compete…

I got an amazing toss and catch… Then I lucked out on a whip, and then missed the bind and dropped the yoyo… (Luckily on grass)

But thats the extent of my 4A play

My Set-up?
Nothing! :wink: - All Stock! (I Have A YYJ Aquarius)

Easy Trick - Open String Whip
Hard Trick - Leg Orbits

I use a blue big yo. It has a stock cleaned bearing and the gap is all the way tight. I use type 6 string.

Easy trick-leg orbits
Hard trick-flamingo(trick I made where you toss the yo in the air, whip the string around your leg, snag the string behind your knee while bringing it up and catching it on the string using only your leg and one hand.) you are standing on one foot when you do this so that’s where it gets its name. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Stock Hayabusa

Stock Aqua(Cleaned Beraing)

Stock Big Yo

In order of use right now…

I use a Spinfaktor HG with just regular old 100% cotton, type 6 I think. Works pretty well =)