4A with a DM?

Alright. I’ve seen 4A being done before on a Dark Magic, but I can never seem to do it. I can throw and catch, but can never bind return the yo-yo. Anyone have tips?

Put a wrap around the yoyo before binding. You just take one of your hands and go around the yoyo so that there is a wrap around the bearing. You can see this guy doing it in all of his binds.


Its not necessary, but it prevents any slippage.

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Nice video. I can see why he got first =)

Back to your question. I do just fine with 4a with my Dark Magic. Make sure that your gap is tightened all the way.

Yeah, you can thick lube it too. But for maximum string layers and spinability, you can use a dry bearing and double wrap the thing before returning it, Just like Nishimura.

two ways to make sure the bind will work: firrst, you will want to make the yoyo go up in the air straight above you, so while it is swinging straight up, let go of end of string, so that will work. the other way would be to make an extra loop around the yoyo before binding.

anyways, i don’t like offstring with my dm, i use my aquarius, but it is possible.

if you hit it on the hard floor it will get scratched up but easier then 1a to get scratched