4A preference?

Do most people actually prefer lubed bearings over a clean one for 4A? or the other way around?
What do you think about the strongest 4A yoyos? I’m thinking to get either fiesta xx or hayabusa or kamui light, but I’m leaning towards fiesta xx. Any other recommendation? (Not smaller than hayabusa but not as big as bigyo.)

Kamui light for sure

i prefer the Original kamui but all are good.

an dry, for stronger spins

Ct bearings for offstring is the best imo

Wouldn’t that make it unresponsive?

Kamui and Fiesta use full sized c bearings.
the bearing seat is slightly recessed

I Terrapin X Dry Play treat all my bearings, so you can say they are lubed.

My two favorite in production 4As are the Fiesta XX and Go Big. I prefer the Fiesta XX.

I feel that the Hayabusa is too small but is much better with the Duncan Mod Spacers for off-string. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing is pretty darn good for the price.

My favorite is the flying panda (i own a fiesta, go big, hayabusa and have tried equinox, rextreme and Big yo)
am i all alone…


I prefer my yoyo to have very little lube on the bearing. As for which yoyo, I think it depends if your just starting out or not. For people new to 4a I’d recommend the Aquarius or the go big, mainly bc of the rubber rims. When I started out I was constantly dropping it on hard wood. The fiesta is a great yoyo but if your just starting out, it’s more difficult to learn binds on, same as any yoyo with a C size bearing. The go big has a narrow C making learning to bind easier, the aquarius is also great and I would highly recommend it, if you can find one. If your looking into a new throw and are experienced I’d say the turbofly which is the newest one I got. The diameters smaller than the rextreme but bigger than the Aquarius, I also love the hubstacks. Unfortainally I can’t give insight to any of the akumas since I’ve ne’er wanted to pay over 50$

Kamui* not akuma.

I traded my 900 with a griffin wing+cw, it breaks the next day on normal use, I probably won’t buy it anymore. I think it plays better than stock hayabusa (with no stickers) but the breaking issue really turn me down.

I play 4a dry. Im doing it on a piece of junk Xodus2 though. I haven’t tried any other 4a throws, but my next purchase is going to be a hot pink JetSet EC.

I run my Fiesta XX dry and it works fine. That’s the only offstring yoyo I’ve used.