4a marks

I feel like my flight is getting a lot of scuffs and marks from drops. I believe this is normal for beginner offstring players and i am wondering if this will affect play, i drop quite a bit what should i do?

It won’t affect play, but if you get a really gnarly one you can always sand it.

The only minor worry would be the impact eventually damaging the axle, but off strings are pretty tough.

I’ve broken 4 offstring yoyos all by impacting the ground and shattering in to pieces. But overall they are very durable.

My advice keep from playing on abrasive hard surfaces like concrete if it doesn’t help keep it from cracking it will at least help keep the outer surface from getting scratched too badly if your Really worried about it play over grass and carpet but in my experience playing with flights skyhawks and hypusas on wood and Linoulem floor for 8 plus hours a day still haven’t had one crack

Stop dropping it.

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