4A Fever


I have it. I haven’t thrown 1A in a week. It’s cool.

Any other 4a throwers?


Not me, not yet. I’m just not ready for it yet. I’m new and gotta work on the 1A skills.

4A looks so cool and so fun.


I don’t know why but for me learning a new 4a trick is a different feeling than learning a 1a trick. Both a good feeling but a different type of satisfaction. Hard to explain.

I have fun with 4a just doing forward passes and braintwisters. You should give it a try!

(Jei Cheetah) #4

4A is one of my all time favorite styles to do.
Love it.


I been using the big yo … from yyj … i just got the new GO BIG… but damn its a whole different ball game with that one …

its easier on the big yo off course … but GO BIG … its harder … gotta get used to it…

but yeah offstring is awesome!!


I never really got into 4a. It always seemed to me like there aren’t many tricks, or at least not nearly as many 5a.


Just like any other style the possibilities are endless.

I can come up with new 4a material easier than I can come up with 1a stuff.


Yeah I’m a 4A player and thought the go big was way too light

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

4A is ,in my opinion,the most fun style,and i’m working on a new 4A video.


Yeah, I throw the Fiesta XX. I agree that learning a 4a trick is a different feeling than 1a. I like both a lot and while its fun to be inventive and original in both styles, it seems that the lack of exposure to 4a makes you more original!


I may make a 4a video today, just for fun. Good to see there’s some other 4a throwers on the forum. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about getting a Go Big to give it a shot.


What are you using right now? Check out the fiesta xx. It satisfies any needs I have for 4a!


I’ve used many 4a throws but never a Go Big, that’s why I was interested.

As of late I’ve been throwing my Aquarius.


i love 4a and have some awsome tricks but mostly mess up and its not like 1a when u can snap start and return u have to chace the yoyo haha

(Troy(oyo) #15

Once I get my hayabusa in the mail, I will start my 4a journey. I have been doing diabolo for 3 years so that should help me along


I’ve been doing 4A style since 2002 and have loved every minute of it. I’ve also lost a good amount of weight just from chasing my flying panda’s and hayabusa’s around after i miss a trick.


I was obsesed for like two weeks when I was practicing with a dragon fly, but I got bored, because you know. I want to order a Hayabusa now though.


I’m guessing you use a rubber rimmed yoyo. Have you tried any celcon/delrin yoyos that tend to bounce more than fly away? Which 4a throws do you prefer?


4a is awesome! :smiley:
my favorite throw is the rextreme, but i like the go big better for technical stuff.


I love 4a. I either use a Duncan Hayabusa SL or a Flying Panda.