Regular throws that work for 4a


what one’s do use/ have used

I use a classic


Ghetto 4a.



Yeah but it works for starting out. I am just beginning, certainly not for comptetion

(M.DeV1) #4

The Yoyojam cerberus with a slim bearing kills 4a! Like honestly I might use it for 4a at the next contest I go to. It’s the slightly oversized body and those big beefy rims.


Somewhere out there is a video of Brett using a One Drop M1 for 4A.


How do you mod a normal yo-yo for 4a? Do you add a slim bearing? That’s all I can think of.


Ive used a velocity.


Anything that is responsive.

I did see a video of someone doing some 4A with a Mighty Flea.


Andrew Robinson have a vid out where he does 4A with a split-d.


You can get the Shinwoo Griffin Wing for under $20. The Fiesta XX is very affordable at under $25. The regular Go Big’s are just under $30. I’m not recommending the Hayabusa because I feel it’s just too small for me, but it’s also under $25.

The Fiesta XX is the one I would recommend for going cheap. The Griffin Wing feels good, but I dislike the caps popping on drops. The Go Big’s rubber rims are more comfortable for extended play sessions. The Fiesta XX is bouncy on drops(not as much as a ReXtreme for example). The Griffin Wing also has a decent amount of bounce.

Start there. Start right.


I used my Speedmaker when I started.


I might get one in like 6 weeks but anytime sooner I am just broke. The griffin wing is the one I like the most. Looks and stuff. But I might save up the extra week to get a higher end YYJ one. After I pay off my H3X.

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Some Split Decisions are SB. Also, there are off-string rims.

I know that Andrew Maider used to compete in 4A with a Split D.


Or black O-ring response that comes inside of throws like the lyn fury.


H5 seems like it would work pretty well in the situation you describe. Maybe not the best place to start, but go big or go home, right? (Literally you need to go big, or it’ll be really hard to do 4a)


I use the ONE


I think I might order a Equinox or Fiesta XX or a Big Ben


I know there are people who used the PGM and the DM2.


Areyo Machete