$40-$60 range recommendation


I’m looking for my first mid priced yo yo maybe in a month or two. My searching has led me to the Rally, Shutter, and Level 6. I want something that performs beyond its price category. From the perspective of one who is relatively new to string tricks which one be better suited as an all around learning yo yo? A different suggestion perhaps? I’m using a classic upgraded to unresponsive right now. I like it a lot, maybe a bit larger than I prefer, but would like something good for grinding and nicer build quality.




Well you did some nice research, either of those will do, if the classic was a tad big then i’d probably say level 6, you should also consider the magicyoyo n12, it’s like $20, comes bead blasted which is better for grinds and is more stable than all your options imo, great yoyo.


Thanks for the reply! My take is that I can’t go wrong with any of the choices listed. Is there anything else worth noting that might help my decision? Are there general differences between the models listed that I should consider? I don’t know enough to know how an H shape vs V perform… things like that. Maybe at my skill level it won’t make much of a difference?

As for the n12, thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out.



Well pretty much the more rim weight the more stable it is. Being newer u want something more stable. This is generally is h shape throws but all the ones u listed are plenty stable. None of the choices will make a huge difference to u but if money is important just get an n12 then get a pack of 100 string like blueprint for like $16


Cool thanks!


It’s the top of your price range, but the One Drop Benchmark series is also a good option.


The rally is absolutely magnificently amazing. I love mine.


The Rally’s an alright throw. I personally love my YoYofficer Crayon. The RecRev Sine//Saw for just $5 more is amazing. Any of these three are a pretty darn good choice.


Not to make it all harder, but maybe also take a look at the yoyoofficer line. It is great and many are within your price range (I think).


they are great yoyo’s for the price as well. So I guess just pick one that looks the prettiest and go for that one lol I still favor the magicyoyo n12 but maybe that’s just me. $20 for a full size stable metal, just can’t beat that imo.


The rally is a really great throw for the price range you want. It’s smooth, not too big, good spin time, grinds great, and looks amazing! Also, like someone else said, the OD Benchmarks are a good buy too. And, another company I’d check out if I were you would be yoyofficer. They definitely got great priced throws and play just as good as the expensive ones. Check out the yyo musket and the yyo lava. They just came out and seem to be the right size of throw your looking for. Keep us updated on what you choose!


The Werrd Minute was easily the best $50 full retail price I ever spent on a yoyo.

My next ‘budget-friendly’ choice will probably be the YYO Musket. But I can’t “recommend” it because I haven’t tried one. Just sayin’, that’s what’s next on my list.


I never tried the weerd minute myself, but would like to try one and see why everyone recommends it. And same here Greg, the musket is next on my list as well for sure. It looks like it’s gonna be one pretty good throw.


hey guys pm me if any of you tried the yoyofficer hatchet, musket or lava ( or better all ;)) cos im a bit unsure about the yoyofficers


So I chose an OD Benchark H. It exceeded my expectations in many respects! So so smooth, quiet, and fast spinner. Very stable and comfortable.


I completely recommend the werrd minute. It is extremely stable and is great for grinds. And you just can’t beat the price. And if u live in cali go to the Duncan booth at downtown disney and there is a guy that works there named Logan Willis and hes sponsored by werrd so he usually sells the minute for $35. He actually gave one to my friend for free


Get a Rally! It is a plastic that plays like a metal! Also you don’t need to baby it or worry about messing up the Ano.

It took a couple of adjustments to get it running vibe free. Once it was properly adjusted it played vibe free and smooth. It is a lot of fun!

My Rally sleeps as long as my Summit did and is, for me at least, easier to maneuver and catch on the string. I love it!

I plan on buying a second once the whites are released. :slight_smile:

I want one dedicated to off hand play.


Also the flipside


Also the flipside. That spins amazingly


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