Only YYF, and YYJ please! For yoyojam, anything but a dm. For YYF, anything but a Gfunk, dv888. Thanks! I don’t care size! Or anything! All Id like is what is your preference for both!

I’m steering clear of YYJ from now on because I’ve had some shocking luck with their QC. As for YYF, my recommendation for that price range would have to be the delrin Severe.


What’s a QC? And sorry for not mentioning this but I’d like a metal for YYF, and a plastic with metal rims. Are xconpros good?

i think she is referring to Quality Control


Fixed. And yes, I was referring to quality control.

Can’t really help much with the X-Con Pro but as far as YYF metals go, your options would be the DV888, the 2.0 or the G-Funk. Can’t say I’m a fan of any of the YYJ plastic-metals other than the DM2.


For YYF the only metals in that range are the DV888 and 2.0. As far as plastic rimmed metals, I’m not the biggest fan, but I liked the Ringmaster when I tried it. You should check that out, it isn’t a performance machine, but is pretty fun.

My apologies… :-\

No harm, no foul. Yuki does tend to be a female name ^^


Yyf nova or yyf severe

Have you tried a Raptor?

There are plenty of other great brands out there! You shouldn’t have to limit yourself to just a few.

God Tricks Destiny
Shinwoo ZEN 4
Shinwoo ZEN
YYF G-Funk
Shinwoo GrandYo
C3 YoYo Design Halo
Something V
C3 YoYo Design Di Base

The di base 2 is a very small, but nice looking change! Try it

With the price range and brand limitations I’m gonna have to go with the Severe

Since you want to limit yourself to yyj and yyf, with that price point the only choice seems to be the severe.

Like others are saying, why not try some other brands? You can have way more choices

wait the Dibase 2 is released???

i would save up for a supernova, severe is also very nice. protostar, shaqulerstar… other than that idk.

YYF: Severe
YYJ: SR-71

at another store pm for details