$30(ish) YYF Recommendation


Whats up Guys,

So I signed up for an amazon credit card a couple weeks ago and they gave me a free 30$ gift certificate for signing up. Needless to say that was the only reason i signed up as another credit card is the last thing i need.

Anyways, im looking to get a YYF throw with it. What would you guys recommend. Im willing to throw in some of my own cash, but not much. Lets just keep it under 50 bucks. 50$ gives me a good amount of options.



(WildCat23) #2

Why yoyofactory? There are other good brands too…


If yer stuck on yyf, then go protostar…
But other good ones include
Yyf: dv888, jk, popstar, northstar
Yyj: any bimetal, their plastics are good too
And also anything in the shinwoo zen series…

There are others too, don’t be afraid to look around


Just get a pgm. That is all.


If it must be YYF go for these…



Plastic GrindMachine

And if you can spend a bit more there’s the DV888.


Tbh, compared to the other yoyos, the grind machine left me a little disappointed… It sound like your willing to pay a little more for a nicer yoyo, and the protostar do close in price and so ahead in performance would suck me in every time… Also consider the metals