3yo3 Reccomendation


As the title says I need help choosing an acryllic or delrin 3yo3
Which is the best 3yo3 for fast and floaty play
I really like the look of the ceephax, hammerhead and capella.
Which ones do you guys recomend.


I love my cosmo so much!

Its a weird old throw but I play it all the time!


I heard the cosmo is really fun but lacks in spin time, how floaty is the cosmo?

What is the ceephax like?


Any more recommendations?


If you’re looking for fast, floaty, and acrylic I’d recommend the Accent or the Hammerhead. They’re my newest acrylics and I’ve really fine-tuned the shape to one that I’m super happy with. It’s more of an advanced design, vs. some of my earlier models with basic shapes.

The Hammerhead plays really fast and light, but is a bit slower than the Accent because it has a larger diameter and is wider. However, this will yield better spin times compared to the Accent.

The Ceephax is good, but its undersized nature (50.8mm) doesn’t lend it to have the spin times that some people might expect.

Hope this helps! You can always email me at landon3yo3@gmail.com if you need more advice/have any more questions :slight_smile:


Thanks Landon


No problem :slight_smile:


Another quick question, would a D-bearing ceephax be more stable than a c-bearing ceephax?
I have never owned a D or an A-bearing yoyo before.




Actually C-bearing is the most stable of my hand-machined throws due to the fact that I had special bearing seats custom machined to my tolerances for the C-bearing to sit on. For D- and A-bearing I use Duncan bearing seats which have much looser tolerances, allowing the bearing to wiggle around a little bit which can cause vibe.