C3 Trident questions!!

[i][b]Hewwo, i’m thinking of getting the C3 Trident but when i was reading the yoyo specs etc i found this: Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) Center Trac
Standard Flat Bearing in SPLASH Yo-Yos

C3 Trident Silver W/ Green Splash is the one that i’m gonna buy, but it says that the splash version of the yoyo comes with a standard flat bearing, does that mean that i need to change to a Size C later o_O?
Also people know that C3 has their own silicone response, i knew i needed to buy that for later anyway, my issue is that it says that the C3 Silicone Response only replaces the following C3 yoyos: DarkStar, H5, Halo, and Di Base.
Can i buy their silicone and use it or do i need to use Slim Pad (19mm) OD?[/b][/i]

All C3 either use the C3 silicone pads. Or regular K pads. Available ay YYE. They last a long time wouldn’t worry about that.

The C size bearing is your standard bearing. Most yoyos use now. The Centertrac bearing. Is a c size. It just has a bevel in the center to help center the string. similar to a Konkave bearing. But a koncave has a rounded center area. Some say the kk bearing can cause bunching on multi layer string wrap tricks. And the centertrac helps avoid that. Most people aren’t good enough for that to really mattter. Use what you like. Standard Flat, Center Trac, KonKave, Terrapin, Crucial groove, etc. All comes to preferene.

What do you mean no response pads. should be installed when you get it

I mean extra ones :slight_smile:

It is a wonderful yoyo :wink:

The c3 line up has mostly small k pads 888 size the yeah 3 uses the wider pad the trident uses 888 size k pads get an extra set its nice to have backups thank me if this helped
Ps that trident is one BA yoyo get it

Oh okey, i will buy k pads later then :slight_smile: