3Yo3 / General-Yo Collabricon: A High Speed YoYo Review

Collaborations have been all the rage for quite some time. Some of them are great, just look at the Million Dollar Quartet, Batman and Superman, and Pacino and DeNiro. Then you have your less than stellar team ups, the CSI and CSI: Miami crossover is a perfect example. Nobody should be forced to watch with David Caruso just to get their William Petersen fix. Collaborations are not exclusive to the entertainment world; there have been many in the yo-yo world as well. We have seen CLYW and YYF, CLYW and SPYY, SPYY and Save Deth, and Oxygene and Hspin all work together to bring out some very unique and desirable yo-yos. Well, now another collaboration can be added to the books. General-Yo and 3Yo3 have come together to work on the Collabricon, a yo-yo designed by Ernie at Gen-Yo with Landon from 3Yo3 bringing his acrylic expertise to the mix. Lets see where the coming together of these two innovative designers falls on the collaboration spectrum.

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