General-Yo X 3Y03 Collabricon Review

3Y03 X General-Yo Collabricon

Introduction: Many people think a metal yoyo is the only yoyo that is good or performs well. And most of the time you always see people in competitions using a metal yoyo. But the 3Y03 changed that concept up last year when release there first acrylic yoyo the Cosmo. As 3Y03 kept raising the bar they finally did collaboration with general-yo and designed the Collabricon. But can the Collabricon keep living up to 3Y03 astonishing acrylics and General-Yo’s precision or will it be an upset to the community?

First Impressions: I received my Collabricon in a beautiful camouflage bag with the General-Yo logo and the 3Y03 logo. It also came with a Specs card and two custom color Snake Time Strings.

After I did a couple tricks I was astonished. The Collabricon was a very good and solid performer. It had a nice solid feel, and was quite stable. And even with such thick walls, the Collabricon really spun for a long time.

Look and Feel: Some yoyos I have tried had a really disgusting feel to it. As some hurt when they returned to your hand. Though the Collabricon was a really comfortable catch. There were no sharp or uncomfortable edges when holding it in your hand. Basically, your middle finger dipped into the gap nicely. While your Index finger and ring finger sat nicely on the flat rims.

This yoyo also looked great too. The Collabricon was dye with a pretty camouflage color, and when spinning it had a dark green color. What was also another good-looking thing were the engravings. Each Collabricon had the General-Yo logo, the 3Y03 logo and its number, mine being 12.

Play: The Collabricon is one mean-playing plastic. It, as said before, had a nice solid feel. It wasn’t a clunky or heavy feel, but it wasn’t floaty either. I also noticed that when playing the Collabricon it did take a little pushing to make it really get moving. But when you got it moving it was easier to control. The Collabricon also was very stable and took a lot for it to become off balance.

Another amazing thing were the thumb grinds. Most, to all plastics cannot thumb grind at all. But when Ernie designed this bad boy he gave the Collabricon a ten-degree lip for thumb grinds. But to top it off was that the IRG was bead blasted too. This allowed me, and the average yo-yoer to thumb grind with ease.

Conclusion: Landon and Ernie did a fantastic job with creating this masterpiece. It is a true performer and a piece of art. Congrats two both companies for making another historic collaboration!


And if you would like to purchase one of these babies, check out

I thought it was great too, thanks for letting me try it :slight_smile: . But I dont think the yoyo was dyed, I’m pretty sure the acrylic came that way:

Great review, I love it too, it’s an awesome plastic throw. I’ve been wanting to pick one of these up for awhile, and I think I will at Nationals this year. Your review reassured me I should.

Oh btw, Gizzyo, I’m drooling from looking at the nice bad*** Hatrick of yours.

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Thanks SR, you should totally go for a collabricon!

Yeah, I ran out of money at BLC, so I couldn’t buy one there lol. I asked Landon if he would let Ernie sell them at Nats this year and he said yes, so if I go, I’ll definitely get one. I at least got to try one at BLC though.

Get #12 if its not taken. :wink:

good review.

How much did it cost.

What a great review you wrote! 3yo3 yoyo navy color is dopey! :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to see another review from you.

Happy Throwing! =]

I have to agree with the review, it feels great on your hand and it’s just plain fun to throw! I’m a big 3yo3 fan and as a matter of fact, all I’m starting to throw is my collab and
the bassline I bought from Landon. GREAT YOYO!!! If you want a really good yoyo get a collab or anything from 3yo3