One more question (sorry)

Sorry guys for me making a lot of posts lately, but I have one more question. I was looking on and I saw the Acryllion by 3yo3. How does it play? Is it worth 60$?

Thanks and sorry for all the question. You guys are so supportive it is hard to stop!

Im not sure but 3yo3 is known for great yoyos… So think of it like it was a metal… Do you think you’d like it?

Hmmm, when I went over the specs It seemed like a really good yoyo and it fit all my preferences. The only problem I have is that I need a yoyo that I can do serious learning on, and compete with. I dont want to have a yoyo that is “just for fun” or “just for looks”.

Im sure its a high quality player… Heres a video of the Cosmo… Another yoyo from 3yo3 thats way more than just looks

Whoa, thanks bro! I am so going to get this. Thanks for all your help! ;D

Good luck man!!