3a yoyo

Ok im looking into playing 3a my im looking inexpenseive plastics like the the kickside and fhz, are there any others? Reponsive ones would be good to start with.

If it can be used for 1a, it can be used for 3a. What you mentioned are good choices.

Im using a pair of dark magics… I have one siliconed, and the other has starbursts on both sides and a small peice of a duncan friction sticker… A pair of Velocities would probably be very good, you can change up the response as you learn

Kicksides are a great choice, with one set up unresponsive and the other responsive, it would be perfect.

If you are willing to pay a bit more, speeders are a good choice. And they are what the 2007 world 3A champion uses (Yuki Tanami)


hay its Josh!

so iv narrowed it down to a few(in order, sorta): speeder, sigma blade zwei, velocity(eh), dark magic. Hows the reponse on the sigma,dm,speeder?

They’re fine. They can be made responsive or not.

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