3a yoyo? Protostar vs. dm2


Ok so I got a protostar duo and dm2 trio, and I only want to have 1 pair for when I start 3A… And I just want to sell the others so trying to decide which would be best for 3a. What do you guys think?


I would probably go with the dms they are just a bit funner to play with, and they probably sleep a little longer than the protostar on bad throws.


I sort of agree, but also, during the production of protostar it was taken in consideration for it to be paired for 3A. I can’t say anything about DMii cause I don’t have any yet… But I know the protostar should work really well


How about the Yoyojam C-Force?

It was kinda designed for 3a ya know.


How do you have THREE DM2’s dude?

Anyway, YoTricks uses ProtoStars for their 3A tutorials.


I have 5 DM2’s in different colors.

I think both would make really good pairs. It just depends what you’re more comfortable with. The only downside is the Protostars are loud, and now you have loud X2. The DM2 ain’t silent either, but it’s not as noisy.

Even though the DM2 is one of my favorites, I think in this case I’m gonna go Protostar. Not because it’s plastic, not because it’s cheaper, but because it does not have a high wall/mid wall design and therefore a more generous catch zone and more “wiggle room” as you learn.

(kclejeune) #7

DM2. One of the best parts of 3a is hearing the lovely aluminum bashing sounds.


I say go for the protostar, because it’s more stable and spins longer for me.


Well, yeah, but you are on an entirely different level of collecting. How many do you have in total?

Anyway, in more relation to the topic at hand, I think that you should just sell one of your DM2s and use both pairs for 3A. Unless you really need money right now.


I just need to cut down my collection. My parents are getting annoyed since I have a bunch, they think its unnecessary, and they’re probably right :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone! Ive decided to use the protostars for 3A :slight_smile: Help me out guys! http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62561.msg665725.html