3a yoyo (advaned!)

I now got the hang of 3a :smiley: I was using the lyn and the Hitman. but i think they didn’t slept long.
I was thinking of getting two conter attacks… please suggest me which yoyo!!! :smiley:

The Genises was designed for 3a. If your looking for cheap get die-nasties.

Genesis was designet for 5a mainly but it should be great for 3a too cause it’s very stable also Superstars could be good but if you wat something cheap go with any Death to Metal yoyos.

Or just keep using what you have. With a good throw both of those can sleep long enough. However, two of the same yoyos would be good.

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Expensive Superstar
Cheap dynasty

Dynasty? Like a Chinese dynasty? A series of emperors from the same family? :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to do that. Also have to do this.

Can I get an expensive Die Nasty or a cheap Superstar instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, really any two yoyos would work. If you get two of the same, that’ll help. It’s still based on your preferences.

ohhh, i might get 2 siliconed speeder