3A Paired Recommendations

Hey guys, I wanted to do a little change so I decided to try out some 3A. I need a recommendation for a Professional Type yoyo at affordable price. It doesn’t have to be metal, but I need it to have great performance, long sleep, able to stack layers of strings (Ex: Lindy-Loop) without binding(snagging).

I was considering Adegle PSG, but Not sure. Budget I was hoping would be about $60 for both but I guess no more than $75

Please post your recommendations. Exclude Protostar, I have it already (Used 1 before. I need something different.)

Ewww, Psg! Its worth $15, but it really isnt amazing.

Id say magic yoyo N12! Great yoyo, only like $20 a piece. Legit aluminum and it comes with a good bearing and a nice finish!

First, ignore any negative about any model.

1: I’ve seen Josh Yee use a pair of PSG and take 3rd and BAC 2012. Legit. I bet he went through a few before he got a pair of PSG’s he really liked. I have a PSG and a PSG Gem. The GEM is a bit heavier. While fun, some Adegle PSGs and Asteroids have vibe issues that borderline on wobble. It’s random and they are hard to tune.

2: I saw Yoshi Mikamoto throwing down Speeder 2’s at CalStates 2013. I didn’t think this would be a good shape. He rocked it!

3: What’s wrong with 2 Protostars? Or Northstars? I’d recommend against the Starlight, Starbright and ONEStar only due to weight issues as they feel too light to me for 3A.

4: Classics with upgraded bearings and siliconed response? Yeah, I’m a bit over-biased in my enjoyment of the Classic, but I feel it’s justified. Cheap, durable, amazingly smooth for the price and super flexible in application. It is a “jack of all trades, master of none”, but in the right hands, it can do whatever you want.

4: Kuyo YoYoCompany Trap. $30 each, metal. Maxes out your budget, maybe. But, I think they are out of stock. I’m trying to get the guy to produce more.

5: See what stands out in God Tricks for you. That’s some good stuff right in there.

6: Superbreh1234 recommended the Magic YoYo N12. Just for the heck of it, I’m gonna second this recommendation. Also, consider the T5 as well. N12 is a bit better.

7: Trigger or Chaser are other models to consider.

As much as I enjoy the Legacy II, this model does better at 1A and 5A. The high wall inside might not be as ideal for 3A.

9: A pair of Lyn Fury yoyos? Maybe not. They are kind of small. They also need to be siliconed and the bearing seriously cleaned out(or replaced, your choice, but I cleaned the bearing and the yoyo became amazing). Just something to consider. However, due to the weight, it might not be an ideal choice. It’s a 1A model I like though.

I am going to say no to the triggers, I have heard they crack easily. They might be great players but I wouldn’t take a chance of them cracking.

I can confirm that I know some people who’ve had them break on them. The rims are thin. I haven’t had any issues with mine though.