$300 for a yoyo


If you had up to $300 you could spend on a yoyo what would you get? Just curious.


Duncan Mg barebones, and lots of response pads for it.


purple silver splash leviathan 4


USA hatrick




The one that comes with 2-3 yoyos probably.


Unleashed, I only have one…


A code 2 signed by Morgan Freeman


I’d pay 300 dollars for a jar of dirt signed by Morgan Freeman.

(H.J.Fras) #10

Couple caribou lodge


Any of the barely legal yoyos there near to impossible to find one in the USA knowing that the company is in the Czech republic and thats where they only really retail them.


Yyr drauphnir


I’d put all $300 toward a Ti Walker, a Leviathan 4B, or both an Overdrive and Acrophobia. Oh yeah! I forgot about the Anglam. I’d like one of those



Depends whether it’s on just one yoyo or as many as 300 will provide. Anglam if just one yoyo.

(kclejeune) #16

YYR draupnir hands down.


Some YYR.


Ti walker, Draupnir or Laser. I’d probably end up flipping a coin or something if I had the chance to choose one of those.