3 yoyos

im looking for a new yoyo since my proto is kinda broken in a sense for now, and i want an all metal. I have an audley phoenix, but there are numerous dents on it. i am stuck between the DNA and the G5.

another thing is that many of my cousins have seen me yoyo, and they want to learn. they have al seen a yoyo and know stuff like gravity pull and rock a bye baby. they have no idea how to bind, but it seems like they would like to learn, so i want to get an adjustable yoyo for them. does the speed dial or velocity allow unresposive play?

yes, the velocity would be perfect for them. it plays better than the speed dial imo. between the Dna and G5 its a question of shape. The G5 is H shaped and the Dna is a modified butterfly. The G5 is to skinny for me, but you might like it.

G5, DNAs are discontinued.

Neither. Get a Meteor.

WHAAA?!? dna’s are discontinued?? well thank god i have one.

Velocity can either be responsive or unresponsive, so i think it is great for learning.

Well, between g5 and dna is just matter of prefrnce.
It is true that dna is discontinued though.

Ps; what is auldey phoenix?

The G5 is still being produced. The DNA is no longer being made though.

Ps; what is auldey phoenix?
its a yoyo lol no really its an H-shape yoyo that u can add hub stacks to it and i think if u searched YYN reviews u will find it but search for auldey metal yoyo :smiley: ;D :wink:

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ah yes
i know that one, just dont know the name

thanks for your help. since DNA is discontinued im just gonna go with g5. im definitely going to get 2 velocities then.

The G5 is amazing!!! If you haven’t ordered yet maybe you should look at the SEVERE… Its extremely similar in shape and size to the protostar. And a Pair of velocitys would be great for teaching friends and even starting 3A

thanks for the suggestion but i never liked the protostar shape as much as my phoenix, and the G5 looks to be more similar to my phoenix.