3 year anniversary video/tutorial

Hey all,  I havent posted here in a long long time on the account that I went to college and have been up to my ears in responsibilities…its fun though and I do still yoyo pretty often, but its more of a side hobby now versus a direct hobby.

I decided instead of making a trick/showing off video to make an easy tutorial of one of my easy tricks for you all to learn and have fun with, its one of the things I do when I get bored.  Do the trick.  Over and over again.

Hope you all enjoy, its been a great 3 years of throwing for me! Peace out!


Hey after the slack Im am having trouble with the rest, the pop over and the underpass and the pop. Which way do you pop it over the string out of the slack, which string is it supposed to land on in the underpass, and how do you pop it into the and whut mount?

Ok, so after the slack you pop out the front way, then over the string and land it on the same string but from the back, that way you get the twist around the pointer finger on your right hand. After that you do a simple underpass, land the yoyo on the front string, then hop the yoyo from the string you landed on into a twist that you open up with your thumb and pointer finger. Drop off the extra underpass string from your left hand right as you land into the And Whut mount if you want it to look more cool, I always do haha

Hope that helps!