3 questions!!:D!!!

alright so first i need a 3a yoyo is the protostar good for it? also i need a 5a throw so which is the best: YYJ CHASER, YYF PROTOSTAR, YYJ DM2, or YYJ SPEEDER. Third and final i need help sealing the silicone so it wont dry will putting it in a ziploc or plastic bag then putting it in the refrigerator (not freezer) work? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I’m going to give you my recommendation, this is just MY opinion, when buying a yoyo it comes to preference.

YYF protostar for 3A. It’s not to expensive, and it’s plastic. When I tried learning 3A with metal yoyos I dinged them a lot. plastic yoyos don’t ding really.
5A, the YYJ destiny, out of the yoyos you provided, the protostar.

why don’t you want the silicone to dry?

If you buy two protostars you should be set… I loved mine for 5A, and then I dropped too many aerials… D:

no the silicone in the bottle if it dries then i cant use it again

It should have a cap… But if not a plastic bag should help…

Proto’s are great for 1A/3A/5A. Can’t go wrong.

Keeping sealant useable? I put a penny nail in the end of the tube to stop it up. The silicone in the removable nozzle will dry up, but the stuff inside the tube stays useable.

My tube of sili , I just put a screw into the tip. Unscrew it out when I am ready to use again.

is there any other way to preserve the silicone in the nozzle other than using a screw cuz last time i did it, it didn’t work

I’d go for ProtoStars (Great for 1A,3A, and 5A.).

As for Silicone it will dry when oxygen gets to it so part of it will dry no matter what from what I hear.

But you can stick a nail in it to keep a channel for the silicone to go through.

I also keep my silicone in a bag just to make sure I don’t get silicone on anything if it were to leak.

For 3a I would recommend the PSG. It’s cheap, durable, and has an extremely high level of play for 15$. For 5a, while I’ve never tried one I hear the Pinnacle is pretty good. I can’t help you with your silicone dilemma because I only use pads.