Should I get a YYF Severe

I am a big fan of the Protostar, and think the Severe looks very similar. Do you guys like the Severe? Is it like a metal Protostar? Are there any major problems with it?


It’s similar. Get it if you think you want it.

I think I do want it, but im debating if it is going to be a big improvement over the Protostar. If anyone has tried both, your opinion would be nice.

Metals are nice, but they mainly just have a different feel. I personally don’t like the feel of many metals, but that’s just me. The Protostar is a good yoyo, as is the Severe though.

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Thanks for your opinion Apetrunk. Here is a question I am not sure you will be able to answer, because it has to do with my own bearings. I switched the Centertrac from my Protostar with the SPEC from my Dv888. This worked well, because my Protostar was slipping binds and now it doesn’t, and now my Dv888 sleeps longer and better. When I was doing this, I noticed the Centertrac spun for 15 seconds a flick spin, whereas my SPEC spun for 2-3. Why is this? I would love for my SPEC to spin longer, thus making my Protostar sleep longer…Should I clean it? And no, there is nothing in it. Thanks again, you really have helped me many times.

Hey, no problem. People helped me out a TON when I started, so I’m just returning the favor.

It could need to be cleaned. I would first take off both shields and blow it out with compressed air and see if that helps. If not, a cleaning shouldn’t hurt anything. Does it spin the same time if you put it on, say, a pencil?

(His way of saying, “I’m the bomb and I know it.”)
Yeah, we all owe ALOT to Brian, I think. He helped me out when I first started to.
And he’s also one heckuva B-Bawl playa! lol

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Basketball ehh? Knicks are down by 50 points right now against Cleveland. Makes being a New Yorker disgraceful. I guess there starting to do better though. Anyway, Ill try cleaning it one of these day. I will be sure to report back with the results :slight_smile:

Cavs aren’t to bad this season.
I’m a boston boy mahself

probably the Genesis would be a better choice because they are the same shape.

No they aren’t.

I would get a Severe because it has a nice curvy H-Shape, and it will grind 100x better than your Protostar. I’d also put silicone in your protostar.

funny you mention silicone, im doing my protostar tomarow. yeah i think im gonna get the severe, but first im getting the dingo.