3-20 KiNGSPIN Official Manufacturer's topic: HUGE UPDATE!!!

Deep inside of a mountain in Sweden, I have been hard at work Kingspin. I have made the decision to take the company in an entirely new direction, for those of you who have followed since January.
We’re doing a metal.

I proudly present:

The Gnosis

rendering courtesy of Wabbit

Dia: 54
Width: 41
Weight: 66
Bearing: C
Response: Flowable Silicone

I will be powdercoating each yoyo myself. I plan to offer White, another color (probably scarlett or indigo), and Tropic Black. Tropic black is an amazing powder that changes color from green to black right before your eyes. Its very hard to describe. Expect to pay a $5-10 premium for TB.

I am currently talk with my machinist about it, but the price should be around $80-90.

Thats all I will let out of the bag for now, but keep on the lookout for new information as I get it.

Feedback and discussion are encouraged!

Thanks everyone!


Looks awesome man. Best of luck to you and Kingspin. (Love the name btw)

If you need a proto tester don’t be shy to contact me. :smiley:

Looks like a really unique yet comfortable shape. Make sure to keep us posted with updates!

Yeah, make sure to get work done so nothing happens like me where I am out a machinist.

Is your spacer system original and innovative? i dont want no lawsuits. :confused:

I know a great machinist personally who has a good bit of experience with yoyos, so I do not think it will be a problem.

I might be using YYF spacers, I may design my own. It s still pretty early to decide that.

Was it supposed to be like King(spin) Arthur… just wondering

Thats perfect.

what do you mean? Kingspin is the name of the company

I mean, did you get the name Kingspin from King Arthur, Arthur being your name?

No, I didnt realize that :slight_smile:

This really looks cool. If you need a tester/reviewer, please do contact me. :wink:

I said it first. So i get the first one. :stuck_out_tongue: hahahahaahaha.

What will probably end up happening is that I will get two protos- one for me and one to send to various people. I will have more than one reviewer, but I will not choose randomly. When I get protos, I will have some sort of system to determine reviewers/testers.

That means I am garunteed Troy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what you are doing here is awesome. I do however think that you shouldn’t have a manufactures thread considering you only have a drawing. When you have a proto in your hand then you can consider yourself somewhat of a manufacturer. I do want to see you succeed. I even want to try one. they look right up my alley. Like others have said I’d like to test one for you and of course I’d return it if needed. I seem to have a good grasp on what a good or desirable yoyo is.

Ia it just me, or does it look a lot like a Protostar?

I have seen many people say they are getting yoyos made, and unfortunately they don’t succeed. But I think you can Arthur! You are the only person I have said this to! Good Luck man! You can do it!

I really have good hope for you. You’re on top of things, and are not a fail like other people trying to make a company. Good luck!

I have a Olympus c7070 4x optical wide-zoom, a photography setup and reviewing experience!

Look at the inner wall…