2a with spinstar?

I’d like to try my hands at looping on a budget of $20 or less… I would like to know if anyone has tried with a spinstar or if there are any beginner inexpensive yoyos to try…

fire dogs $5 bucks each

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No Spinstar, it’s a butterfly shape.

If you have $20 dollars, you can get pretty much any looping yoyo, namely:

Loop 900.
Sunset Trajectory NXG.
Loop 720.
Speed Beatle.
There’s a lot more if you look around.

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Except those are $25 a pop. I think he’s looking for sub-$10 yoyos so he can get two of them for under $20. So you got stuff like Speed Beetles, Pulses, Firedogs, Loops, Technics, Proyos…

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I would go with firedogs they are cheap and fun

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You could get

Proyo 4$ eash
Shinwoo loop, will need some modding 7$ each
Speed Beetle, if you dont want to buy friction stickers will need some modding 9$ each
Fire Dog 5$ each