2A Tuesdays

Going to start this thread to help motivate me to play more 2A, and I plan to do at least 200 loops every Tuesday during 2020. This last year I did a full year of Fixed Axle Fridays and it greatly improves my 1A 100 fold and keep my fundamentals sharp along with modern responsive is a lot of fun. I also enjoyed 5A May where my 5A improved along with my 1A in discovering new concepts. So I’m encouraging the YYEF to join me on this journey of 2A Tuesdays.

So today I’m throwing 720s a Shu and Evan 1/2 swap with Yomega Raider strings at 75mm and one red YYF Japan spacer and one Yomega Raider spacer. Just did 100 alternating inside/outside loops left and right handed each. When I was finished my string was perfectly neutral, a fun 2A skill building exercise I find.

Happy 2A Tuesday 2020


well i guess there’s just no 2As about it then, gotta do it… (wakka wakka)


Someone needs to lead you 2A better joke book.


2A soon!!!

that was really good bruh


You’re gonna drive me 2A drink.


dude, it’s my way, or 2A!


I figure I could wait until tomorrow to add a bad pun to this, but, I might as well add it 2A


I feel like this should work great in bringing you 2A higher skill level


Heyyyyy I did the exact same half swap with my 720s!


I just started 2a myself. Never tried lefty before I got a pair of loopers. Turns out I am better at looping with my left. I can only get 4 loops while doing both hands though. It starts getting wonky on me. Definitely need some more practice.

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i need to do 2A. been meaning to get some decent loopers, but i need to save up a bit more. i’ll join in to do this in a bit.

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This is a great idea. I actually find that I play a lot more when I’m carrying a yoyo I can loop. I know, I know; only one isn’t 2A. But I can just grab my throw and toss some loops while I’m walking down the hall at work, out in the parking lot; heck, even while I’m just having a casual conversation. I’ve gotten a ton of one handed looping practice lately doing this.

I guess I just need to start carrying two of 'em!

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