2a taught by Shinji Saito!

It would be so cool if we got some tuts from him on this site. Please put some up Andre!

its not that easy as jst asking for them shinji have to waste his time making some tuts when he can be practicing for competitions and andres tuts are amazing





Yeah, that’d be awesome. I don’t do much looping, but it’d still be cool.

It would also be cool to have some 3a tuts as well.

yeah, if it were me i would think it be a waste of my time too.

if you can’t do ALL of the 2a that’s already on the site, the majority of what shinji would try to explain would be totally superfluous.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha… and the laughing goes on. If any “pro” thinks that it’s a waste of his time or talents to teach other yo-yo enthusiasts how to improve, then they are no professional.

It may be true that someone may not have the time to devote, but if they made the time I doubt they would feel it’s a “waste”. At worlds, some of the most talented throwers still made time amongst all the chaos and pressure to spend time teaching others. That’s what makes a professional real.

Andre. Ando. Yuuki. Miggy. JD. Joseph Harris. Ed. Augie. Tyler S. I saw all of them showing others how to do tricks, or just sharing some of their time with the kids that adore them. Yo-yoing is more or less a social hobby, and it seems like the “pros” know and embrace that aspect too.


Dont forget Joey Fleshman, he taught me a trick :D.

No way i would be where i am right now with out people who enjoy my tricks. I owe em’ more then they could ever ask for.

Fash and DelValle/Steel are very kind. :wink:

dude. shoulda said hi!

i guess in this case, i don’t know what shinji would make a tutorial for. most of the things he does in his freestyles can be broken down and understood… just not easily emulated, especially via video. having judged a LOT of ladders where most kids can’t get past one-handed insides, what would be the point to making tutorials of tricks that only like 9 guys (in the u.s.) can do?

i’m not saying he shouldn’t teach kids tricks (and i imagine he DOES quite a lot)… just that yoyoexpert video tutorials wouldn’t do much for kids who, for the most part, CAN’T do the stuff that’s already up there. maybe if there’s a demand for progressive 2a, but how many people who visit this forum are even half-way through the 2a list as it is?

it’s not a waste of shinji’s time, but it’d be a waste of OUR time to try to learn it if we can’t do consistent loop-moons, etc. andre’s got solid 2a basics up there. when i see some evidence that people are mastering it, i’ll want to see some harder stuff too.

I’ll tell you what. You give me a free Severe, and I won’t ask for more. :stuck_out_tongue: