get JD on site

they should get JD to do freestyle training like andre does tricks. please! it would help everyone tring to learn to freestyle. plz replay

firstly, whats the difference between freestyle and 1a

secondly, i support the idea of multipule people teaching their specialties, instead of andre all one a, and some ok 2/3/4/5a

Well if people were to teach their specialties, and everyone could do their specialties, it wouldn’t be much of a specialty now would it? ;D If that was the case, everyone could be as good as jd, and he wouldn’t like that :stuck_out_tongue:

You made this topic before.

well, i have no idea who jd is…but what i meant by specialty is andre won lots of contests doing 1a, well get someone who one for 2a to do the 2a secion, and so on. that way specialized teachers that know what their talking about give quality information

There’s something you guys are leaving out: There’s a tutorial section there, and anyone is free to post tutorials there. We just need the whole .org thing to catch on.

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JD is Johnnie Delvalle. :wink:

i know ;D

he was replying to this:

saw this video

yea hes pretty awsome

anyway, hes all 1a two, so their the same league. we should get the other top A players on the site if possible

First off, he’s all 1a too. This is your own language.

And there are several top level yoyoers on this site. And many forum members (Xdohl and now also TheOrganizer) has posted a nice and big list of tutorials. At the same time, you have, which contains a lot of tutorials as well. And we are all hoping that the tutorial section on will fill up nicely. So in the end, do we really need more than we already have?

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