Bein A YOYO Expert

How long does it take to become a expert and to compete in tournaments?

…hahaha like probably years but there arent many people who could actually answer this


mr yodel
caribou chris
any other professionals

Actually, do Chris or Kyle actually compete?

This topic (no offense) is pretty stupid. There is no scale for defining an “expert” nor is there a need to be one such “expert” to compete.

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yes explain “EXPERT”
i mean some people around town call me an expert
but i mean if i competed, i would be no expert

Does it really matter which yoyo you have? I’m stuck on the mach 5 with my lynn fury. Its like the gap isnt wide enoough for the stings to fit into ,it always dies at the end when the yoyo is in the middle.

I know I land a double or nothing and my whole family plus school call me an expert… this is stupid

and no it shouldn’t matter i can do mach five on a butterfly work on your throw

It really isnt stupid!.It may be a question hard to answer ,But its not stupid i was jus curious how long it takes so i wont get discouraged

15 years
have a good day

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listen a lot of us (not including me) have been at this for a while/long time. patience is what is called a virtue


Right!..But anyways i’ve been at it 3 weeks and i am not going nowhere!

Don’t worry I felt the same way…then…I landed… TRAPEZE!

EDIT: its been uphill from there… it all comes down to your one true yoyo moment…

lol :smiley:

Do you OOnterstant young one?

You’re right, it’s not a stupid question.

But how long… depends. It’s a matter of practice, dedication, and the all important natural talent. As an example, I could dedicate the rest of my life to becoming a major league baseball player, but I don’t have the natural talent and could never make it no matter my dedication. And then with all the natural talent in the world, without practice, it won’t amount to much.

So for how long… I don’t know. And probably neither does anyone else because everyone is going to pick it up differently. It just depends on talent and dedication.

Also, three weeks in is too early to be discouraged. You aren’t going to master a new trick every day. Just practice and it will come along.

I understand to the fullest,but the whole natual talent i dont agree with. No offence and ill probally get hated on but i’m goin to say it anyways,i dont think yoyoing takes natual talent.I believ it takes talent but not nessesarily natual talent.

Anybody can learn to be a great yoyo inless you have the shakes in the hand lol.

But yea everything else your 100% correct and I i’ve known how to yoyo since a kid but not theese tricks they have today which is a whole new story but i’ll b there some day

No, but almost no competitor is actually a professional. Pro by definition means paid… very, very few competitors are paid.

I’d imagine the reason I have the ‘professional’ tag is because I’ve been producing yo-yos for many years now, and at many points I have made a living doing yo-yo stuff. That makes me quite a bit more professional than just about anybody who competes currently. (Higby is the ultimate yo-yo pro though… world champ AND full time yo-yo guy)

As to the original question… practice, a lot. Some people learn faster than others, some have better hand/eye coordination… all can get better. To truly have a shot at winning world titles… we’re talking several hours a day, every day, for a couple years or more… that’s the generally talked about ‘formula’ by those who have been around long enough to see it happen over and over again.


Quoted for truth. Everything, and I mean everything, boils down to how much you practice and how patient you are. I’d wager that patience matters even more.

Don’t get too discouraged after only three weeks of play. You’re making good progress. Just keep at it and before you know it, you’ll have Mach 5 conquered. And if you ever get frustrated, just put down the yo-yo, walk away for a day, and come back at it.

Dude Thats great advice and coragement from both of you,I appreciate that. I dont nessacessily want to be a expert i jus want to have a routine and do it with no F’ up’s…

Oh and guess what THE MACH 5 CONQUERD(check for spelling)…Today around 2 hours into it

It wasnt a hard trick,it was easy after i learned split the atom but the end of the trick is what screwed me up,my yoyo would rub the strings and die.
But now i can do it and bring and bind my yoyo back up!

try ask some1 to teach you if you still does not get how is mach 5 execute …or just watch the tuts made by diff ppl