Bein A YOYO Expert

I didn’t start competing until after 9 months of practice, and I’ve never won a comp. Take a minute to think about that… 3 weeks psh…


The time it takes for being a yoyo expert varies on how much you practice, mindset and other factors. I personally think that it is not the destination that yoyoers should worry about. I think it is the journey to becoming the so called “expert” is what we all should think about.

It’s not about the fancy titles but about having fun and being able to see progress. I think there is a time where you have just learned so much about yoyoing that you feel like you can compete. This is a crucial moment and well, COMPETE!!! Even if you do horribly, you will know where you are now and then you can set an attainable goal and progress further.

Being an expert is not about winning titles, but is about having fun while yoyoing. See Guy Wright for example, isn’t a “world champion” but he just has fun yoyoing and is what you could call an expert. Hiroyuki Suzuki on the other hand, I would personally call a professional because he always seems to just only try to win titles. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Hiroyuki Suzuki and hes probably a great guy)


Huzzah! Good job!

Being an expert is decided by people around you. I let other people decide my “skill” as I’m not really liable to do so myself.

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I’m not sayin 3weeks is something,i was jus preparing my self so i wouldnt get discouraged.

Guys, lets keep it civil. No need to call people or what they are saying stupid until you start evaluating the value of what used underwear of the pro’s go for on eBay

This is one of the best articles on the topic of being a “pro or expert” written by National Master Steve Brown.

I think there are many definitions of an expert or pro and this is at least a good way to begin thinking about the question. Enjoy!


Man that is straight up,no doubt the best thread .

Thing is i live in somerset, kentucky and I’ve only seen one craze in yoyos and that was 10 yrs ago in 7th grade when dungan had the butterfly and i think firestorm.
Every since then havnt seen a yoyo player but once or twice,I sure wish there was a ACTUAL Expert As was describe my Steve Brown here in my town.

I agree with Jonas when he says the status of pro is decided by people around you.

To people on Youtube, I (and these are true quotes):

you are beast
5 freakin stars. You’re amazing.
Amazing Samad. Keep it up!

And quite honestly, I am not satisfied with my yoyoing at all.
Point is, there will always be room for improvement. You need to understand, that no matter how good you get, you can get better. No matter how cool your trick is, your trick can be cooler. By all means, I highly doubt most pros consider themselves the greatest. Some of the greatest masterminds of the yoyo still look up to many other players. Maybe for their trick difficulty, innovation, etc.

Being professional is an undefined state of mind when it comes to yoyoing, IMO. In a sense, I think we are all professionals. So have fun, because isn’t that what yoyoing is about?

Woah, I just re-read that, and it made no sense. Ah well, I’ll post it anyway.

Absolutely correct. Mach 5… i remember that one. Dont worry. So you’ve been at that trick for 3 weeks, ya gotta keep tryin and tryin to do it. Longest i took on a trick was 3 1/2 weeks. If your persistent itll happen. Find your mistakes and probs. And most of all: