A good worthwhile question.

If someone gets serious about Throwing and Throws 2-3 hours per day…How long should it take the average Thrower to advance through the Expert and Master Tutorials on this site? These are obviously VERY advanced maneuvers.

It depends on the person. Some people advance rather fast whereas some people take their time. The YoyoExpert tutorials are really for learning the fundamentals.

Well, will I really be a Yo-Yo Master if I can do all the Master Tricks?? :’(

If you spend 2-3 hours a day I would say you could learn 10 of the expert a day if he had done all the other tricks in the earlier sections if he understood everything that was happening in the tutorial. Where as with the master on this site a lot of that are hard for me at least to see what is going on. :stuck_out_tongue: So it would take much longer. but the learning 10 a day is not mastering it that would be like finding out how to do it a moving on but that is not advised but if one focuses on really understanding what is happening in the trick and getting good at them then it will making things easier in the harder tricks and you won’t forget tricks as easy.

Sadly no once you get through those tricks there are a lot more and you have really just begun but it does give a good introduction to harder tricks. After doing the tricks on yoyoexpert I would go to Rethinkyoyo.com to get the next level of tricks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use rethink a lot. Thanks for the tips. I just wanna be the very best…, The best there ever was.

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Think of it this way,
You have two law students, they both go to the same school and learn the same things. But one goes on to practice law and the other goes on to teach law. The teacher knows the fundamentals but never took the steps to putting law into practice, so the teacher works for the law. Where the student that went on to practicing law knows how to put their skill set into use and makes the law work for him.
My point is, learning is only the first half of the program. You must be able to put everything you have learned into practical use, developing your own style, flare, and your own tricks to the trade.

  • this really holds true to any hobby or profession :wink:

Another thing that helps in having a yoyo that sleeps a long time so you can last through the talk time before the next move.

I completely agree if a person only does the tricks everyone is learning then everyone will look the same and it would be pointless.

From teh internetz:

The 10,000 Hour Rule — closely associated with pop psych writer Malcolm Gladwell — may not be much of a rule at all.

The principle holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field.

When psychologists talk about deliberate practice, they mean practicing in a way that pushes your skill set as much as possible.

In “Outliers,” Gladwell contends that early access to getting 10,000 hours of practice allowed the Beatles to become the greatest band in history (thanks to playing all-night shows in Hamburg) and Bill Gates to become one of the richest dudes around (thanks to using a computer since his teen years).

But a new Princeton study tears that theory down. In a meta-analysis of 88 studies on deliberate practice, the researchers found that practice accounted for just a 12% difference in performance in various domains.

What’s really surprising is how much it depends on the domain:

• In games, practice made for a 26% difference

• In music, it was a 21% difference

• In sports, an 18% difference

• In education, a 4% difference

• In professions, just a 1% difference

The best explanation of the domain dependency is probably found in Frans Johansson’s book “The Click Moment.”

In it, Johansson argues that deliberate practice is only a predictor of success in fields that have super stable structures. For example, in tennis, chess, and classical music, the rules never change, so you can study up to become the best.

But in less stable fields, like entrepreneurship and rock and roll, rules can go out the window:

• Richard Branson started in the the record business but quickly branched out into fields well beyond music: Virgin Group has 400 companies and is launching people into space.

• Then there’s a band like the Sex Pistols, who took the world by storm even though Sid Vicious could barely play his bass.

So mastery is more than a matter of practice.

“There is no doubt that deliberate practice is important, from both a statistical and a theoretical perspective. It is just less important than has been argued,” the study’s lead author, Brooke Macnamara, said in a statement. “For scientists, the important question now is, what else matters?”

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honestly the better you get, the easier it’ll be. once you do a few of the master tricks, it’ll be time for you to make up your own moves.

So, yah…Right. All my awake time for 2 and a half years straight. Thanks guy! :smiley:

Take a look at tuts and freestyles every once and awhile to learn some new concepts, but then just create your own flowy tricks.

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Depends how fast you learn the tricks. Some people progress through it in a month, others take years. I spent a lot of time when I first started, so went through it fairly fast. I still haven’t learned every trick to this day… Once you get past intermediate, you can start skipping some of the less important tricks. I just learned whatever tricks I thought looked cool. Eventually you’ll get bored of learning tricks and want to start making your own.

Mmmmhmmm…, and do you think I’ll ever be able to travel across the land?


Comparing ones self to another is difficult when it comes to learning a skill due the multiple factors involved for success.


Desire will always win over talent
: If I have greater talent but no desire, my skills may initially be ahead of yours however with practice your skill will move ahead of mine.

Desire and talent: Will never be beaten by those with just desire or just talent. This is top competition as these people have both.

You can often hear people make excuses for not being in the second group, regardless of which activity they participate in. “I wish I had that much time to practice. If I lived in that location things would be different.”

When you want something badly enough you change your world to make it happen. It’s always good to dream, dream big, and pursue those dreams. Many never will come true, but many do and will come true.

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If you do them on thin gapped yoyos with starburst response and lubed bearings, then yes, yes you would be, yoyos make things a lot easier now a days so those tricks are now not really as challenging. These tricks where made up a long time ago.

Your dead on Skitrz

The day you’re good enough to learn the master tricks is the same day you realize they’re not even good tricks and not near worth the time spent learning them (Yuuki Slack being the exception). The hobby has progressed so much and there’s amazing tricks and tutorial videos out there that you could spend your time on instead.

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