A good worthwhile question.

When you look at the yoyo tricks you need to learn them as a list of concepts. that way you can look at the concepts to build your own awesome tricks, you will never want to stop learning tricks so you can use new concepts to build better tricks.

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That’s right. Otherwise, you’re gonna suck forever. Its your choice.

I do feel like it’s my destiny. ;D

The important question is: are you searching far and wide? Each yoyo move, to understand the power that’s inside? Is your heart so true? Will your courage pull you through?

Lol, seriously though, I was pulling off a trick a day until I hit advanced, and now it’s taking me a couple weeks to master concepts and the mounts needed. I don’t like to move on from a trick until I feel that I really understand it and could break it into it’s component movements

Yes, you will search far and wide.

I’m at the point in yoyoing where I’m like screw video tutorials I’m making my own stuff. I’ve never gotten past advance part 1. But it doesn’t really matter I mostly do offstring and fixed axle.

Don’t go into yoyoing with “success” or getting “good” being your main focus.
What is a yoyo? A toy. What is a toy for? Having fun. The more fun you have, the better you’ll get.

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Alright, thanks.

For many of us this holds true however, for many “success” or/and “getting good” is the fun.

I agree, but the more fun you have, the more you’ll throw, and the more you throw the better you’ll get. The challenge of getting better is one of the most enjoyable things for me, but getting better shouldn’t totally overpower all the other fun little things about yoyoing.
It all ties in. :wink:

I’m actually in the same position you are in however that doesn’t make it the correct position for everyone, just for us and people like us. I know if I was a competing, I’d be going for the win! I’m not saying I wouldn’t be enjoying the journey, just that the fun, most likely wouldn’t be the focus.

If you focus on wining though you get stressed if you focus on just having fun then you will be relaxed and if you lose you can still say you had fun! :smiley:

I used too be a top level athlete and I never got stressed about competing. I totally focused on it when I was there and had fun win lose or draw.
Sounds like you are explaining what a poor sportsman’s reaction too losing. That is more of a maturity thing then a perspective thing.

Okay, thanks for all the tips and pointers. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: