JD teaching slack tricks


What do you guys think about JD teaching a few complex slack tricks ??

I’m definitely for it =)

(JonasK) #2

I think that we don’t really need more 1a tutorials here. If you know all the tricks on this site you should be perfectly able to create your own slack-moves.


search on youtube for slack tricks


That’s true.
But I think with the JD teaching thingy…
We can attract more people to see this website…

Just my opinion



Andre Boulay and Miggy should be enough.

(Nova) #6

A 4A player/3A player would be nice…


I agree

(Jesse) #8

Yeah 4a and 3a would be nice, but Ándre definitely has enough 1a up here, and 2a is fine too. Once he added the Miggy stuff there’s enough 5a. But he doesn’t really have any 4a tech stuff that I’d like to see and he doesn’t have any 3a up.


There are never enough tutorials.


I would personally love to see someone like Kentaro Kimura doing 3A tutorials or something. That would make this site THE site to go to for starting out on ANY yo-yoing style! Plus there really aren’t too many quality 3A tutorials out there. Makes it difficult if you don’t personally know anyone who can teach you or you can bounce ideas off of.


I agree with the 3A tutorials too. But it would be more awesome Hank does the tutorials. :smiley:


I agree for having 3A taught by Kentaro Kimura and my idea for the person teaching 4A Rei Iwakura, what does everyone think about this ??

(JonasK) #13

Where did this thread come from?

Oh yes, that’s right… November.


Yeah, only November. And is JD even really in the yoyo world anymore?


i thought he judged(spelling?)
and his is still on team yyj right


You might be right. I really am not sure and just haven’t heard anything.


It’s true that we don’t hear much about JD anymore but he’s still judging contests

(Mitch) #18

I think he judged at Nats just last year