2A String Tension



Thank you for all the help you gave me on 2A and more. I have hopefully one final question on 2A:

String tension. Which ways loosten, tighten - which ways to do Side Winder on each hand - which tricks loosten/tighten???

It may be difficut to answer, but thank you lots!

(ed) #2

sidewinder to the right tightens. to the left loosens.
that means on the right hand, you have to bring the string to the OUTSIDE to tighten, whereas with the left hand it’s to the INSIDE. and to loosen it’s the exact opposite. get it?


yes ed is right but i have to say it
lefty loosey righty tighty ;D
yank to left loosen yank to the right tighten


Ah, yes.


Left hand: Inside is tighten. Outside is loosten.
Right hand: Outside is tighten. Inside is loosten.

Gotcha! Thank you TONS!!!


its the opposite for me, i haven’t been using left handed string, my slick 8 strands are twisted to the right like all the other strings i use