Direction for Sidewinder

So I started looping yesterday and I can do 2 handed loops now. But I still get confused about sidewinder. Which way do I do it for my right hand and which way for my left.

if you bring your hand up and to the RIGHT of the yo-yo, you’ll INCREASE string tension. to the LEFT will DECREASE it. “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”

as you loop with your right hand, the string tension naturally decreases, so you’ll occasionally want to do sidewinder to the RIGHT. as you loop with your left hand, your string tension naturally increases, so you’ll generally want to do sidewinder to the LEFT on that hand.

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Sidewinder to the left= UFO to the right. Sidewinder to the right=UFO to the right.
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Tightens Loosens

Yeah, just remember that while looping, just do sidewinder to the outside, no matter which hand.

Weird. I have to do it to the inside every time. I don’t think I have lefty strings…

Fun Fact:

A good 2a freestyle has a balance of regular loops and downward loops (hop the fence). Downward loops will reverse the effects regular loops has on the string.

cool thnx I figured the same thing out for outisde/inside loops i was going on and on while doing outside/inside repeatedly. thnx for the advise thoug i’lll try to learn hop the fence right now!!!