2A Help: keeping momentum

So I’ve been given some good advice on the forum and found the awesome “2A Discussion Thread.” It’s helped A Lot! Now I am able to get 3-5 good quality loops, with the yoyo tilted at 1 o’clock, and on the horizontal plane. I found I had to exaggerate my finger movement and it cleaned up the loop. Any tips on keeping the momentum going? I fizzle after 5ish loops. I feel the groove, angles are good, and it has a lot force going out, then suddenly the Yoyo goes a little higher than normal and it kills the momentum. Any tips would be appreciated!

Keep it on one plane like at one line

And suppose you are a psychic and can control the tilt. Yes it helps me at least like I say think go a bit right right or left left.

It’s keeping it on plane that is problematic. I’m not sure if it momentarily sleeps and swings up or I need a little more force in my wrist motion. As for the tilt I can nudge it in a direction by rotating my wrist. The Yoyo tilts in the direction I rotate the wrist. I need practice though because I usually don’t react fast enough.

Tug the yoyo back earlier. It seems that you’re either using too much power on the outward motion or you don’t tug the yoyo back soon enough. Just take it slow, don’t force yourself to do fast loops, instead try to loop smoothly with the least string slack as possible, speed comes after that.

You’re always spot on with you’re comments. I’ve been putting more and more force on the outward motion which is probably too much. I will have to pay close attention to the tugging part. I loop fairly quick but only because the yoyo seems to want to go faster. Either that or my initial throw is too strong. Focusing on a slower loops makes a lot of sense. Time for more experimenting. Thanks for the input!