2015 NY States

Will there be one this year?

yeah i wanna know too… cause im going to be living near it

Will it be at strong again? As long as it’s not far away then I’ll be there

Man, that would be sweeeet! chandler helped put it on last year but he hasn’t been active in the community lately.

i dunno know about you guys but if it was even five hours away i would drive to it… contests are just so much fun.

I’ve driven 11 hours to go to a contest before.

Too far man, us throwers In the city and the island have to drive way too far.

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I don’t live in New York, I live all the way down in Texas, but if it’s mid-summer, I’d probably be willing to go :smiley:

I’ll be talking it over with some people pretty soon to find out when/where it’ll be. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Yall should host it in Ithaca or Bing! Both are great towns, and both are a little closer to NYC/Long Island (4-5 hour drive) while still being upstate and less than 2 hours away from Rochester and Syracuse.

A little more centrally located this year, preferably.

I second that, if it was within an hour or two of the city I’d go but I doubt it will be

Hopefully Chandler can keep us updated

hoping near queens Yonkers some where in there. It seems that it would be centrally located given the routes that the general person would take. also then i could go because driving 8 hours for me is kinda crazy.

I think it will probably be just further out from rochester this year

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