Who's Going to the NY State yoyo Contest?

Well who are you and are you going to the ny state yoyo contesyt? I know i am! an its crazy, its the day before my birthday! Well, see you there?

Lucky, I live in New York and I can’t go because its too far upstate (about 7 hours) until the day comes that there is a competition in the city, I will never compete… I’m pretty sure its gonna get canceled like last year though, they already changed the date

it wasnt canceled last year. they actully updated the inaccurate info. but oh well wish i could see you there tho!

I live pretty close to rockerkid (he lives in the city I think, I live in North Jersey) and it’s like 8 hours away so nope :(. Wish I could though.

Last year it was going to be run by one person and this year it’s going to be held by a few more people. Oh, btw, you’ll see me

I live in North jersey too and its only a 5 hour car ride. or you could take the train from NY Penn Station and it would be a 7 hour train ride. Either way, its less than 8. If I can get train tickets and a hotel, I would go.

Really? Oh I’m just going by what Google Maps tells me.

Depending on where in NY, I might come. When is it?

Rochester, way to far for me unfortunately, Id be in favor of a contest in NYC though

Oh wow, way too far for me as well.

You’ll see me there.

Last year it was going to be run by one person who wanted to make a $1000 prize for 1a, all 5 divisions would be seperate, and a tournament style 1a division. Apparantly, he didn’t get enough sponsors or something.

This year it will be run by the same people who ran Pennsylvania states.

Me too!

NYC would be a bad idea IMO. It’s in a corner of New York and would be maybe a 10 hour drive for some people.

This contest will not be cancelled. At all. Rain or shine, it will happen.

Well, at least I will get to meet some people make some friends and just have a good time! iIt will be nice to FINALLY see a actual thrower rather than my self in the flesh for the first time!

Fortunately for me, the contest is a 10 minute drive:)
Unfortunately for me, since I am in rochester I don’t know anybody else who yoyos. I believe there is a yoyo club in Ithaca that meets every few weeks but otherwise the only yoyo community I know of is way over in NYC. So that’s where you guys are lucky

i’ll be there

Haven’t faced you in 3a since illinois states. I want to see how I stack up against you.


The schedule doesn’t say when 3a happens. ???