NY club

I live near albany ny. I was wondering if there are other yoyoers out there that want to start a club. I’m really the only person that does it around me and would like to do with with some hopefully new friends.

I live on long island which is about 3 hours from albany but depending on what were doing and how many people show up i might convince my parents to drive me there.

well if we get a bunch of people together to do it… it wouldnt be worth a 3 hour drive if it was just like 4 people… but maybe after getting together with some people as like a club have some sort of a competition? idk well see

Hey man, I live in Clifton Park, and go to a school in Albany! Hit me up, maybe we can chill sometime. I normally drive an hour and a half to Northampton for some meets.

Aww sick! Pm me sometime and well chat. Im really busy with school and stuff for the time being… but we could work somethin out.