2015 JVtut: A star in Paris - (New tutorial every Tuesday)

Well thank you very much man :), I do have a 10 Elements Body combo video, but I didn’t like it since few of the elements I showed weren’t considered as a body trick.

oooh ok. well I liked it :smiley:
can’t wait to see your next tutorial on friday. I finally have something to look forward to in life :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tutorial, I am going to learn it right now, and I’m glad you’re back. :slight_smile: Can you make a tutorial for hipster whips? It was in one of your videos and I thought it was amazing.

Thanks man :slight_smile: and yeah sure I will make a tutorial about the trick hipster whips, it seems that a lot of people want to learn it lol. I will try to make it the 5th or 6th tutorial.


I usually post them after school, so it should be uploaded in about 5-7 hours. :wink:

I’m stoked bro

Tutorial 2 is now on Youtube! Thanks for watching and good luck with learning the trick everybody :slight_smile:



great trick, too bad i need to silicone my only yoyo. :frowning:

Such a sick trick, I’ve been needing something like this.

The wait was well worth it.


Well thanks everybody for the kind comments! I also posted a list of the 3 next tutorials to come on the first post of this thread, so if you’re interested to know what’s coming next, simply look at the first post :slight_smile:

Love that tutorial! Keep em coming!

Great tutorial, but I got one question, when you do the up-and-down motion do you keep the string away from the yoyo (towards you) or above the yoyo? The yoyo keeps landing on the top string as I do the trick.

Thank you very much! They’re more tutorials to come :slight_smile:

When you open the trapeze loop, open it the most wide as you can with your non throwing thumb and the rest of your fingers. I usually open it with my thumb and ring finger, but use the method you’re the most comfortable with. The string need to be a little bit side way of the yoyo (watch 1:01 to 1:24), otherwise if the string is on top, when you will do the Up and Down motion, the yoyo will tend to hit the string. Which is not good. Hope this helped you and thanks for watching the tutorial! :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to the Paul Han laceration, I’ve never been able to get it for some reason.

i really like the paul han GT, but i just don’t know the motion.
can you make a tut for it?

I actually have that one downloaded, but is Alexis JV’s Vid and is up to him if I post. But to be Honest I think he has his own thing going on and seems to be moving along pretty well, so we should wait till he posts it or says it’s ok that i do

Yeah ofcourse, Tutorial 6 is going to be Paul Han Green Triangle :slight_smile:
The trick is more easy than is looks.

Thanks for your help Rob but it’s alright, I prefer to do a remake of it