Alexis JV x Unspoken - Tutorial Serie (14)

Hello everybody :)!

For 2017, I’ve decided to restart producing tutorials, in which you can learn 1A intermediate to advanced type of tricks/combo.

Full playlist on my YouTube channel:


New tutorial every Friday

If you have any questions or comments concerning the tricks, write them here and it will be a pleasure for me to help you out.

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Thank you!

Every tutorials are filmed and edited by me.


Nice quality videos Alex, I enjoyed watching some of them!

Subbed ! Great tutorial. Thank you!

You make some of the best tutorials. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

So stoked to see you back. I learned one of my favorite tricks from you…Deadly Entrance. Any chance you will be doing tourneys again? Can’t wait to see all the genius you have in store for us.
Have fun.


First of all thank you everybody! The second tutorial is dropping soon this afternoon :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Double Yo 7! I appreciate that Deadly Entrance is your favorite trick, means a lot :slight_smile:

So far, I’m planning to go to the 2017 canadian East Coast Regionals in May. Thanks again and you too!

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New tutorial is here :slight_smile:

Learn Blackout City, a nice little combo that ends into a Kamikaze mount.
It can easily be expanded into a longer combo with your own elements :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re stuck on a certain element of the combo, it will be a pleasure for me to help you out!

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Yea blackout city is legit, could be an awesome way to get into a kamikaze like u mentioned. Keep
Up the good stuff!

Thank you Yoyolazar, glad you like it! :slight_smile: will do

Third tutorial of the serie :slight_smile:

Learn Pendulum Swing, an uncommon isolation trick, nevertheless quite funky!

Let me know if you’re stuck on a certain element of the combo, it will be a pleasure for me to help you out!

Sweet Trick! I’m stuck at the second last bit where you have to flick the loop and catch it with your index finger. Any tips on how to make that a bit easier? DOes the type of string matter?

Thanks for watching man! First tip is to make sure your string tension is neutral. Also, to make the loop bigger, you can insert your thumb as well and spread the hole before flicking the loop and catching it again with your index finger. I use normal polyester string

Hope this helps!

Fourth tutorial is here :slight_smile:

Looking for inspiration for your frontstyle combo? 8) Say no more, learn this old school combo from the one and only Jason Lee. Plenty of various elements to incorporate into your own combo

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dude these are awesome. the intro from the trapeze on “purple nickel” has opened up so many great possibles :fist:t2:

Thank you micah_gir, glad you found inspiration from my trick Purple Nickel!

Fifth tutorial is here :slight_smile:

Learn Indie Limonade, a trick I made last year :). There are a lot of slacks in it, so for this one, make sure to have a neutral string tension and an unresponsive yoyo

Where can I get the paradox yoyo?

Hi Spunky_Viking,

The Paradox will be available in 2 weeks (end of April) on the Unspoken bigcartel :).

I will make a post on this thread on the day of the release

New tutorial :slight_smile:

Learn the first variation of my trick Hipster Whips! It combines a slack and some braintwister elements. I highly recommend learning Whip Fan and the original Hipster Whips (both can be found on my channel) before attempting this trick. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

Are there any type of tricks you would like to learn?

I’m planning to record the second batch of tutorials next week :wink:

Alexis, you’re awesome for asking these questions! My answer: how about a fast, flowy trick that doesn’t end in a triangle? Bonus points if the trick begins in a basic mount like double-or-nothing or 1.5 mount. Additional bonus points if the trick uses mimimum slack/whips. I’m always looking for fun tricks that fit these descriptions.