2014 Triple Crown of YoYo - Chicago

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The 2014 Triple Crown of YoYo will be at Navy Pier on July 12th, 2014. This year we’re going to try something different - it will be a 1A ONLY event!

We’ll have a 1A Pro and 1A Amateur division. Details are going up on the site as everything is confirmed, and registration is open now.


The new venue looks really good.
Keeping the Triple Crown 1A only should allow you to keep things happening fast and make the excitement level high for the whole event. Sounds like it will be a really great contest.


See you there!


It was a great venue for IL States! Looking forward to this!


I added this to my Gcal, can’t wait!


Man, I wish I lived around there. Or anywhere near it.


woo hoo, I can’t wait! I really missed this! Super excited already!


im not against it by any means but curiosity got the best of me, why only 1a?


Why no 5A. A lot of very good 5A players in in the Midwest.

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The goal of the Triple Crown has always been to bring modern competitive yoyoing to the general public. We want to get more people involved, and help create more new players. After a lot of conversation about the success of André’s “Throwdown” contests in Mass, it seemed like a logical step to streamline the Triple Crown into a 1A-only event and put a heavier focus on the advance promotion for the event, the training areas at the event, and on exposing people to a level and style of yoyoing that would be the greatest possible inspiration to them to get started.


is triple crown coming back to boston this year?

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Nope, just Chicago this year.


Why the name “Triple Crown”


I also don’t understand this. The name “Triple Crown” means, at least in the traditional sense, means that the winner is the leading in several categories, and with it being a 1A only event it kind of doesn’t make sense to call it the “Triple Crown of Yoyo.”


It’s called triple crown because a few years ago when it was first created there were three competitions: One in chicago, one in boston, and I can’t remember where the third one was I believe it was somewhere in cali.


Oh ok, that makes a bit more sense.

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Registration is now open for the 2014 Triple Crown of YoYo, to be held at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL on Saturday, July 12th!

This years contest will be a 1A only event, with $1000 cash prize for the top winner! Second place will take home $500 and third place takes $250, and we’ll also have a 1A Amateur division for the champions of tomorrow.

There will once again be an after-party at Rotofugi on Saturday night, and this year we’re really excited to announce a Friday night event as well. More details on that coming soon!
Click the link below to go to the site and register for this year’s event. To help you get it in gear, we’re going to give away Triple Crown of YoYo x Vannen Watches to THREE randomly selected registered competitors on Monday, June 9th. To win, all you have to do is be registered for the contest by noon EST on Monday, June 9th. If you’re already registered, you’re already eligible to win!



Any confirmed vendors?

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The only vendor will be YoYoExpert, due to limitations with the venue. But they’re going to work with all our sponsors to make sure they have all the product covered, as well as some special deals just for the event!


Is it an indoor or outdoor event?