Triple Crown of Yo-Yo

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the ultimate contest series in the United States, the Triple Crown of YoYo.

Please check out the site for full information, and bookmark! We’ll be adding info frequently as well as exclusive player interviews and video and tons of great content!

Sounds siiiiiick! I’ll definitely be at the Midwest Classic!

I am going to show a ECC, competeing in amateur freestyle… :smiley:

It costs $30 to enter BAC? Wow.

ECC is going to be off the hook. Finally a contest I don’t have to drive more than an hour to!

And its on Friday and Saturday.

So ready to miss a day of school!

It would be cool to go to Chicago…looks pretty awesome!

Going as a spectator to the Bay Area Classic, pretty excited to check it out. Will there be any vendors there and if so, which ones would I most likely end up seeing (so I can prepare myself with some cash to build up my throw collection)?

And as any yo-yoer would do, I’ll be bringing a handful of yo-yos to mess with while I’m there. Random question, will there be any diabolo stuff there as well?

YoYo Expert will be vending, as well as Duncan and YoYoJam. :slight_smile:

Looking at the weather (as we all know, for us who live in the bay area anyway that the weather is unpredictable at times), I noticed ‘few showers’ for Saturday. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this isn’t true. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to my 2-day weekend (I typically work 6 days a week).

I’m competing in Amateur. Should I just write my name and divison on my CD for my music?

Please provide coverage from tomorrow’s finals :wink:

I dont really agree with the 3 contests for Triple Crown, it makes it too hard for players that can’t travel to all 3. It should have been: Worlds, Nats, and their own regional. Just my 2 cents

But Worlds and NAts conflict, because Foriegn players can compete at worlds, where as Nats are US only.

isn’t it based on the points you earn at the contest? Not what place you came in?

Who cares if going to all three contests is hard? That’s what makes it special when someone wins all three!

Coming this Fall/Winter, only from Rotofugi and Triple Crown of YoYo…

That is completely and totally awesome. Plate it and put it on top of something shiny; that could be the grand prize trophy for winning all three contests… (wait, how big is it?)

Should be about 9" tall.

Trophies for next year will be special versions of these in a unique color of vinyl…


Triple Crown of YoYo is still going on next year? I just thought that it was for 2011. Hmmm