2 yelets or 1 AC?


Ok. So I asked you guys if I should get an AC or chief. AC won in my opinion but voting is still open. Now, I’ve been faced with the choice of getting a silver and a blue yelets and swapping halves to make 2 yoyos for my school colors. :o. OR, should I get the ash berry AC instead. If I get the 2 yelets, am I sacrificing too much performance? Or if I get the AC, am I missing out on all the benefits of a pocket throw with 2 school color halves?
Thanks, mr.wiErdHOBbies31.


Why would you get two Yelets? I’d get the AC.


Lookin for school colors and a pocket throw I guess.


Once you bought two of them, you would have your school colors and then you’d say to yourself, “why did I buy two of the same yoyo when there are a lot of other things I could have bought instead?”. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Unless you just have a nice amount of disposable income or you already know that you just absolutely LOVE the Yelets without trying other things then, by all means, get two Yelets. :slight_smile:


To me, if you were debating between AC and Chief, and AC won, don’t consider a yelets. It’s almost pocket-throw sized (IMO)… And the first two you were looking at were full sized throws… So unless I’m missing something and for some reason you now want a much smaller yoyo, get the AC.


I don’t really see the logic behind buying 2 of the same yoyos just for the color. You would have 2 identical yoyos, and no variety. Also, these throws are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Ones full sized, the other is pocket sized.

If you really want two yoyos, get a Yelets and something else, maybe a Chik. I just don’t recommend getting two of the same throw, unless you absolutely know you like it.

Also, if you want, you could get the AC and send it to England1414 to get it anodized in the colors you want. :slight_smile:


Buy a yelets and my ac that’s for sale


Oh ya, get any throw and send it to ^^^^ that guy and you can get white and blue or whatever it was


why not just find a black and silver speckle AC?


Go. For. The. AC.


Well, your school colors are blue and silver, right? The Blizzard colorway is Blue with white speckle, and the white is pretty close to silver, so you could try and find a Blizzard Arctic Circle.


I guess but my moms payin so bst won’t work.


Really though, just get the AC. Think about it, when you graduate, the colours don’t mean anything anymore ;D


Yah good point cuz I am in the eighth grade, but ther the same colors for highschool.


Well, I’m going to high school next year too! But don’t worry, they’re not going to hunt you down or anything if you don’t throw a yoyo with their colours. Plus, just my opinion, unless you want to do 3A, getting two yoyos just for the colour isn’t really worth it.


Yah you guys have definitely made a unanimous choice, lol. I appreciate all the good advice.


I’d say send it to somebody they can do it for you.


my gormley artic circle is silver with blue and white speckle


I hav a Zach gormley summit. Wanna trade?

(kclejeune) #20

Lol YYE colors are my school colors. It’s one of my fav colorways