2 year


This is my video after 2 years of yoyoing. vimeo coming soon. nuff said.
Watch in HQ

(system) #2

Muahaha, I saw it a long time ago :smiley:


But I was the first view and comment!

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But I saw his skills at 8:15 in the morning at Bac , so sorta the first view :slight_smile:


But was this filmed at BAC?
If not, then no - I was still the first view.

Not to mention I knew about Zach before you :slight_smile:


it wasnt filmed at BAC it was filmed on a balcony. haha

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He did the same tricks at Bac so thats why I said sorta.




I commented on Youtube but this is awsome!

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I’ve always sucked while you’ve always owned :slight_smile: